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Our specialists, with their wide range of experience, offer a large number of services to our Clients in the field of project controlling. It is particularly important for us to ensure that our services provide real, practical support to Company Management and Project Stakeholders.

"Prime Project" service

We undertake to provide comprehensive management using our project management system of construction projects that are of particular importance for our Clients, and which have a decisive effect on their profitability. Our project controller prepares project controlling reports for Management and the Project Manager at a frequency agreed in advance, in addition to performing the data registration and analysis tasks associated with the management of the project. (PDF report available through link).

View report here.

Instructor work

After Procon-X Enterprise is introduced at the company, we undertake to coordinate the autonomous work of Staff in the project controlling area for our Client. If required, we can also provide coaching to support practical processes. Our project controller will guarantee to management that project controlling processes operate appropriately. If required, he will produce weekly project controlling reports about the status of projects and project controlling processes.

Comprehensive project controlling service

Using our experienced specialists, we can also manage all the construction projects of a company using our proprietary project controlling system at service levels agreed in advance. The Account Manager responsible for the Client will prepare project controlling reports for Management about the status of projects, which will make decisions influencing company profitability easy to make. Using this service, Management receives up-to-date information about the planned and fact coverage of all projects in progress along with changes in deadlines and additional work, with the result that the pressing task of monitoring the economic development of projects is no longer a burden on the company’s organisation, as our Specialists ensure that all the required information is available.

View report here.

Coaching training

We offer tailored coaching sessions for Clients already using our project management system who wish to deepen their knowledge, or for those who wish to develop their skills in the area of project controlling irrespective of the actual IT application used.

Project controlling consultancy service

During the implementation of construction projects, a number of problems can arise as regards coverage, deadlines or project controlling processes. Our experienced project controllers are ready to provide occasional consultancy to our Clients in contested or doubtful situations.