Procon-X Enterprise system


Our Company has been developing IT applications for the construction industry for over 10 years. Our complex project controlling application, the Procon-X Enterprise system provides assistance with the planning, tracking and analysis of projects. Our experiences gathered at construction firms over the years are continuously incorporated into our system, whereby the Procon-X Enterprise system actually supports the processes that do occur in everyday practice.

The Procon-X Enterprise system links the technical and the financial approaches, in essence it is a “adapter” application for the accounting and financial systems.

Through the use of our application, the processes, applications and functions that were previously isolated at construction industry firms are transferred to an integrated IT environment.

Procon-X Enterprise software modules:


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Cutting edge mobile POS system for the hospitality and retail industry developed from 2012.


With our over 19 years of creating, developing, marketing and implementing technology, we bring extensive experience and knowledge of systems, software and project management to the POS and Hospitality Industry. Our research, development, marketing and management team has decades of experience with point - of - sale, starting with the first electronic cash registers and evolving within the industry into this currently explosive market . This gives us a level of expertise that allows us to have a full spectrum and comprehensive understanding of Restaurant POS and mobile point - of - sale solutions.




Business networking software for everyone with proximity location using iBeacon technology.


Business people are connecting faster than ever before using the latest proximity techology from BeeConn Technologies.