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ProconX USA provides project and financial positioning systems that keep your construction projects on-time and within budget!



ProConXUSA’s solution and support simplifies the complexities of your business performance on your construction project.


ProconXUSA accelerates the construction project management process by providing project team members with the up-to-date information they need to make decisions and keep the project moving forward.


ProconXUSA the one-stop repository for all of your project documents, change orders, photos, RFI statuses and responses, clarifications, and schedule changes. All documentation or information that impacts the project, it can be stored on your server or remotely with ProconXUSA


How we are different!

  1. Simplify the project and financial documentation process by provides a transparent link between your construction schedule and project performance budget.
  2. Offers complete process competency that includes synergy between software tools, process/operation support, and industry knowledge.
  3. Provides a visual knowledge bridge between CEO, IT, Financial, Project Mgmt to connect your business and project performance information.
  4. Pilot projects that require a minimal upfront investment supported by proof of concept.
  5. Customized to meet your business needs vs. modifying your business documentation to fit your canned software capabilities.